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Even Beyond The Hunt has an Offseason

Posted by Rick Kreuter on

We always look forward to a little down time in the “off-season." It’s our time to be
around the house, love our pets, and recharge our batteries from our recurring hectic fall
schedule. We have always had an equal love between travel & adventure and our time at home.  Unfortunately, just like our parents always told us, “The years tend to go by faster

the older you get!”

 In the wake of our hunting off season - we have been spending every week editing the episodes - going through hours of footage to craft a meaningful story that will air on the Outdoor Channel. When we take a step back to evaluate the hunt is usually when the real story begins to reveal itself and we develop an even deeper appreciation for that experience.
On top of office time, there’s a lot of work to be kept up around the place. Mowing,
landscaping, wrapping up a new 24 x 40 kennel project, and that just scratches the surface of our ever growing to-do list. We helped our folks plant 80 cedar trees in the shape of our family cattle brand. Mother Nature has been skimpy on the rains so the trees have required a lot more attention with some weekly water-hauling runs.  The hot, dry weather has been tough on the wildlife as well so, yes you guessed it, we’re hauling water for them too!
If we can sneak away on the weekends, we love to get away to the mountains (What else is new?) and find new trails to hike. It’s a short drive for us to either be in Colorado or
Wyoming and in some elevation. It’s our favorite place to go to clear our minds and work our legs & lungs!
With July, comes the buzz of dry land wheat harvest and the one time of the year that our county doubles in population as harvest crews from all over the country file in! It’s always a race to get the wheat cut before Mother Nature destroys it with a hail storm!
Now that it’s time for county fairs, it’s also our cue to start prepping for the fall hunting
season. Our days are spent finalizing travel schedules and getting our equipment
dialed. In the evenings, you can find us somewhere perched on a high spot glassing
antelope and deer. Stay tuned, we’ll be sharing some scouting pics soon!

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